Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Y’all the SECOND  New Year’s passed I started looking to Spring! Spring Break, Spring weather, Spring Fashion. About this time last January I shared upcoming Spring 2018 fashion trends and it was one of your favorite posts. So in the spirit of that (and begging Spring to scurry up and get here), read on for the biggest Spring 2019 fashion trends about to break.

You might notice some trends two years in a row. This is because lots of trends don’t come and go over a single year- they’ll break one Spring, blow up the next then even linger around another season. Last Spring we saw lavender make an appearance and this year it will be bigger and better. Feathers were another trend that started last Spring and is about to blow up in a big way (an interesting one for us suburban mammas 😉 )

But there are new ones too. Here are the top Spring 2019 fashion trends hitting this Spring and carrying into Summer:

  1. Round straw bags. I feel like you could close your eyes last Spring and STILL see these! Well, from what I’m seeing the trend is back for ’19. Below are some cute options that won’t break the bank. I just ordered the first one for our trip to Hawaii in two weeks!

    Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

  2. Ruching. I’m pumped for this one because ruching is universally flattering on all of us. A great place to start is this little bodycon dress. It comes in several colors and a long sleeve version, currently on sale.
  3. Transparent shoes and accessories. I was looking at runway footage and let’s just say, some of this trend did not translate so well to my everyday life ;). I came across this little bag though and found myself really wanting it-
  4. Extreme cat eye sunglasses. This is another trend I don’t know if I’m fully on board with, though it does look really cute on some:
  5. Polka dots. (Now this is one I CAN get on board with!) Polka dots are the print for this upcoming season. I just ordered this little skirt in blue for our trip-
  6. Feathers. Funny story, I was telling my girlfriend about Spring 2019 fashion trends the other day. When I mentioned feathers, she was like FEATHERS?!  Yes girl, yes (insert the laugh till you cry emoji). All jokes aside, I found a dress with feather accents I think IS super cute (aka hell officially froze over)-
  7. Puffed sleeves. This one is already showing up, but will only get bigger as we head into Spring.
  8. Milennial pink. Yes please! I’m so happy this hue will be around for another season (and I don’t care if it’s the most off-trend color someday, cause I’ll still be wearing it). I found this little pink and white scarf before New Year’s and I love what it adds to an outfit. It’s a fun way to transition into a Spring color while we’re still in cool weather season too.

    LOFT Pink Scarf Fifteen Minutes to Flawless

  9. Tie-Dye. Tie-dye always brings me back to the 90s. Even though I was 6, I remember this trend like it was yesterday (probably cause it was everywhere!). Trends will often take on a new twist when they come back and this time the Dye is favoring softer hues. I was just looking at this little dress for our trip too-
  10. Yellow. If I had to pick the top three biggest trends, this would be one. Yellow is going to be HUGE this Spring guys! The shade I saw on the runway was more of a sunflower yellow. I’ll probably stick more to accessories for this trend, you know that whole less is more:
  11. Lavender.

    Chicwish Lavender Dress

    (dress). Polka dots, milennial pink and lavender are the three trends that have me going. To be honest, I never really kissed goodbye to lavender (see this post for my favorite cardigan of the Fall!) so I’m glad it’s officially back. If you’re curious about the rest of this Spring’s colors, you can find Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report here.

You know I always turn it over to you at the end, so tell me in a comment below–what Spring trend are you most excited about?

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