10 Types of Tops Every Girl Needs

Happy Hump Day from Denver, Colorado! I arrived early this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow. It was perfect timing- I caught up on emails then headed to downtown in time for dinner (and a few quick photos, of course!). I was rushing to pack this morning after accidentally turning my alarm off instead of snoozing it (anyone else ever done that?!), so I didn’t have much time to think about an outfit. When I’m in a rush like this, I like to reach for “staple” pieces and then throw in a fun accessory or two to tie everything together. This morning that translated to my favorite black heels (so comfortable they could be flats!), a go to pair of medium-dark wash distressed jeans, and my latest and greatest white tee shirt obsession. For accessories, this necklace gave me western vibes so I tossed it on and I loved how the black in this leopard clutch tied with black heels and spiced up an otherwise basic outfit.

10 Shirts Every Girl NeedsShirt (under $25) // Jeans // Shoes // Clutch (under $50) // Necklace ($30) // Bracelet

I’m not kidding when I say I’m obsessed with this white tee shirt. The v neck is just the right amount deep, it’s super soft, quality material, and has a perfect “slouchiness” to it. Wearing this staple today got me thinking about the different types of shirts every girl needs in her closet. Just as with any other category of clothing, if you have the right tops you’ll find you have so many more outfit combinations available to you- and they’ll be faster and easier to put together. Recently I posted about the 10 shoes every girl should own, the 5 jackets every girl needs, and 5 jeans to have in your closet; now it’s time to take on tops!

  1. A denim or chambray shirt. Personally, I prefer an oversized fit because it gives me the option to wear with leggings as well. This type of shirt is just so versatile for laying as an overshirt (unbuttoned) or on its own. My favorite pick is here.
  2. A white camisole. This is typically for layering, but can totally work as a standalone piece as well. I recently purchased this one, and love the double layers and fun swing to it. (You can see how I styled it here.)
  3. A white collared button down. This is an especially crucial staple for anyone with an office job, but because it’s a neutral that can be easily dressed up or down (throw on with distressed shorts in the summer, semi cuffing the sleeves for the perfect casual vibe), I think it deserves a space in everyone’s closet.
  4. A white v neck t shirt. I’ve talked about this a lot already, ha!
  5. A grey tee. Last month I got this grey v neck tee because I didn’t have a grey tee shirt and everything I read said this was a staple. Now that I have it, I understand why. Like a white tee it’s a neutral and therefore extremely versatile, but provides a different color option that is better for certain outfits/color palettes.
  6. A black tee. You probably already have this kicking around in a dresser drawer, so I’ll stop here. 🙂
  7. A silky blouse. It doesn’t have to be actual silk, but a “silken” blouse adds texture and dresses up any outfit. Like a white collared button down, it’s also great for 9-5 and 5-9, depending how you style it.
  8. A striped tee. I think this can be long sleeved or short sleeved. I included a long sleeved striped tee in my month-long capsule wardrobe challenge and found it was easy to style a million different ways. Because in a way it’s a pattern it makes an outfit more interesting, but it’s also basic/versatile enough to go with almost anything. I’ve linked a great option here.
  9. Black and white long sleeved tees. These are particularly handy basics in the Fall and Winter and are also, in my opinion, the perfect layering pieces under vests.
  10. A sweatshirt. Everyone needs one of these for lounging, right?

Is there something you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you have a great rest of your week and I’ll talk to you on Friday!






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