How to Work Your Natural Hair Cycle

When I set out to explore fashion and beauty in my teans I had a “dream” in my head of what I wanted to look like. I wanted to be this girl who always had the cutest put-together outfits and was constantly mixing her hairstyles in the cutest ways (which, of course, perfectly complemented her outfits).

Well gals, I realized pretty quickly  that just ain’t real life. The weeks are busy and life is messy- laundry gets piled up and you’re left with nothing but those five-year-old tees. And those gorgeous locks? They get bumpy real quick when you sleep on them.

I’ve made peace with not looking perfect every day, but through the  journey I’ve discovered great “hacks” for looking my best in less. One of my favorites is what I term “The Three Day Hair Cycle”. It’s a great way to work with your natural hair between shampoos to keep it damage-free, save time and mix up your looks.

The best part? We all can do it! We were just in Charleston for three days and it gave me a chance to document Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. It looks something like this:

Day 1: straight (well, mostly straight). 

Charleston Fashion Blogger Rainbow Rowruffle top // shorts // wedges // straw tote (larger size here) // necklaces here and here // ring
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Day 1 is when I shampoo and condition my hair (I use this shampoo and conditioner– it’s a little pricier but so good). Sometimes I replace the shampoo for a deep conditioner (I love this one, but also use this one that’s a little less. After shampooing I let my hair dry about 65% of the way, run this blow dry/heat protectant cream through it and blow dry (using this dryer and brush). While blow drying, I flip my hair upside down for a minute or two to give extra volume, then finish with my head up keeping tension on the strands while I dry (frizz is my nemesis and this really cuts it down).

If I need to, I’ll run a straightener on the small hairs around my face if they come out a little curly. My hair is naturally curly, so when I blow dry it comes out fairly straight but still has some natural body and movement. This blow dry technique should work though on both curly or straight hair (straight hair will naturally come out straighter).

I love my first day hair because it’s so fast, plus my hair always looks longer straight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 2: Curled

Three Day Hair Cycletop // jeans // lace up heels (on sale and so comfortable) // earrings (on sale)

Three Day Hair Cyclewrap skirt // espadrille wedges here and here (flat version here)

By Day 2, my hair is looking a bit bumpy from sleeping on it and has more texture. This is the day where I spend a little more time on my hair. I use this curling wand to get my curls. Sometimes I like them tighter- or like the above, I’ll do them a little looser and more “natural” looking. For tighter curls I wrap my hair tightly around the barrel and don’t brush them out after; for looser curls I leave space on the barrel and brush through a few times once I’m done curling.

Second day hair holds a curl so much better than first day hair.

Day 3: Up

Three Day Hair Cyclehead wrap // tassel dress or cover up (similar for less here) // bag (larger size here)

By Day 3, my hair no longer looks cute down so up, up, up it goes! I do a lot of messy buns but a recent favorite has been to throw my hair in a high pony, add a silk headband, wind a piece around the base and pin in back (hides the hair tie), then toss in four or so quick curls. These curls are so easy but I feel like they make a HUGE difference in how my hair ultimately looks.

Now, you maybe thinking- Terra, that’s all well and good for you, but there’s NO WAY my hair can go three days without a shampoo…and I hear ya! I used to wash my hair every day or every other day because it got so oily. Then my hair dresser told however that if I spaced out my shampoos my hair would adapt as a result.

And you know what? He was right. My hair adapated after a couple times (though I did go through a fair amount of this dry shampoo in the process). As you shampoo less, you’ll gradually notice your hair getting less and less oily. Now that I only shampoo and condition twice a week, it saves so much time and my hair is much healthier (those natural oils are so good for your hair!). I also love that it saves me money on shampoo. I’ve tried so many shampoos over the years and found you almost always get what you pay for, so I’m a big believer in better shampoo less often.

Let me know if you have any questions on this hair cycle concept! I’d love to know if you’ve tried it and how it’s worked for you.

Love always,


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  1. February 21, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    I love your plan..I have to shampoo less.. Love the pony scarf combo.. Thanks for your tips.. Love the outfit .. I’ve been checking those shorts out.. I’m a 4 but with a hinney.. Wondering if they are too short on the sides..ViCi has some similar .. they r okay..I know Nordstrom returns r I may order.. They look sweet on you..
    Anne @ livingsweet

    • Terra
      February 21, 2018 / 11:21 pm

      Thank you so much for reading Anne! They are a bit shorter on the sides but not terribly short. I personally love the extra length in the back…esp for bending over. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3



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