3 Beauty Tricks I Wish My Mom Had Taught Me

My mom was a heck of a mom. From an early age she urged me to find my passions and once I did she pushed me to succeed at them. The person I am today reflects her wonderful influence and for that I’m ever and forever thankful.

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Of all the places where my mom helped, there was one teensy one where she couldn’t. In the realm of makeup and hair, her mom showed her nada and since it didn’t interest her she never learned either.

I was thinking back to when I started doing hair and makeup and realized there were three things I wish I’d known right off the bat, and yes- three things I wish my mom had taught me. (Don’t worry Mom, I still love you to the moon and back and always will!)


1.Apply eyeliner to only the outer half of your lash line.

This goes for both the upper and lower lash lines. Applying liner to just the outer half of your eyes reallllyyy opens them up and gives you a pretty wide-eyed look. Alternatively, if you’re going for heavier eye makup, line your entire eye but the outer halves a lot thicker. Lining the entire eye the same thickness closes them off and makes your eyeliner more obvious than your beautiful eyes (the whole point of eyeliner!)

2. Close your eyes just 1/3 of the way when applying shadow.

Some people have great natural creases, but me? Nah. It was years of trying to “find” my crease to put the darker shade in the right spot. Finally, a sweet gal at Sephora told me I was closing my eyes too much when applying shadow and that was why I was never sure where my crease was. Oh my gosh, was she right! I started to close them a little less and it made my crease much more obvious which in turn helped with knowing where to apply shadow.

3. Start your wand or iron several inches down when curling your hair.

If you start your wand too close to the root of your hair it doesn’t look as good. I watched YouTube tutorials to learn but while the gals always started several inches down most of them didn’t talk about it (I probably picked thw wrong videos, ha). Then one day I realized what they were doing and it was a game-changer. This one may sound super obvious for a lot of y’all but I thought I’d include since it was a pretty recent revelation for me! the most important area where this matters is the hair to the left of your part that frames your face- starting the curl too far up throws things off. Pro tip: if you you accidentally curl too far up, run a straightener after on the top portion of your curls to bring down where they start.

I’m curious- did you gals learn hair and makeup from your mom or did you get it somewhere else?



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    • Terra
      January 29, 2018 / 1:03 pm

      Aww thank you so much Briana! <3



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